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These are the issues that people who love Freedom, Liberty, and Justice for All believe.

The Second Amendment

The Second Amendment to the Constitution is one of the most important Amendment. This Amendment gives us the right to protect ourselves from home invaders and other people who wish to do us harm. I believe that we as Americans have an inherent right to protect ourselves and loved ones.

We currently have a Congress and President who mean well with wanting to protect people, but taking away gun rights and doing so by executive order is not the way to do it. When I’m elected to represent the people of my district, I will vote against any bill that would take away our basic right to self-defense.

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Immigration Reform

The Immigration system in this great country is broken and needs to be fixed so the humanitarian crisis at the border can be solved and not happen again.

  1. Reform the Visa System: Visa reform is a topic most people can agree on. We need away to make it faster and easier for people who are the best and the brightest to get here.
  2. Marriage Reform: When someone comes to this country illegally and marries a US citizen, they should be able to get citizenship in short order and not have to wait years to get one.
  3. Secure the Southern border: A country cannot exist without borders. We need to have a secure boarder. A secure border would include physical barriers, electronic barriers, and a streamlined system for processing people. 
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Criminal Justice Reform

Criminal Justice Reform is a broad topic. The issues below are important to people across my district and across this country. They impact everyone.

  1. Victimless Crime Laws: Simply put, if there is no victim there is no crime. Elected officials pass laws to generate revenue to pay for programs that cannot be funded without taking money from hard working people. I would propose a bill at the federal level that would state if there is no victim there is no crime.
  2. Drug Law Reform: What someone chooses to put in their own body voluntarily is no business of the state unless it affects other people, or the  person cannot fulfill their obligations. I would propose a bill at the Federal level to declassify marijuana as a schedule one narcotic and allow it to be used for both medical and recreational purposes.
  3. Civil Asset Forfeiture: Civil Asset Forfeiture is a process by which law enforcement officers take assets from persons suspected of involvement in a crime or illegal activity without necessarily charging the owner with wrongdoing. I would propose a bill to ban the use of this procedure. The only way that it would be allowed is if the person were convicted of a victim crime not a victimless crime.
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Economic Reform

Economic Reforms are vital for creating generational wealth and enabling the great people in my district and in this country to live the American dream.

  1. Over Regulation: Has stopped a lot of people from starting a profitable business for their family and their heirs. We need fewer regulations so that business owners can hire more people. A good example of this is prohibitive health care requirements.
  2. Tort Reform: must be implemented on a federal level. This will help businesses of all sizes from being sued for something over which they have no control. I would propose a bill stating that  if there was no malicious intent, a suit could not go forward.  Lawsuits can cost people their jobs and businesses money.
  3. Tax Reform: We need to simplify the tax code so that people can keep more of their hard-earned money. I would propose a bill that would make taxes quite simple. I would oppose any type of tax bill that would go after wealth. As a country need to learn to live within our means.
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